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Our services

We assist you with your projects to support your continued operations and enable you to fulfil your mission.

  • We help you find the right grants for your projects;

  • We prepare program-related documents and advise you on funding strategies; and

  • We help you throughout the project and in follow-ups with government agencies.


Grant writing can be complex and time-consuming. With the right language and a strategic budget presentation, we will maximize your chances of getting the grants you want. You provide us with the necessary documents to understand the project and we will draw up the applications for you.


Landing a grant isn’t everything. There are terms and conditions to comply with, government agency expectations to meet, and reporting requirements to keep up with.


We will assist you through each of these steps to give you the best chance of success.


We will review your project and objectives together and pinpoint the best financial-aid sources to make your project a reality.

What we do

Here are a few examples of programs we work with:

  • Cultural development agreements (EDC);

  • Programmation spécifique du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec;

  • Canada Arts Presentation Fund;

  • Fonds région et ruralité;

  • Programme d'aide financière aux infrastructures récréatives et sportives; and

  • Programme d’infrastructures municipales pour les aînés.

Our goals

Reduce your teams’ workload

Diversify your funding sources

Increase public investment in your projects

Make your projects a reality!

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