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Do you work in management and constantly lack the time to seek out funding?
Are you on your organization’s board of directors and interested in increasing public funding for your projects? Are you looking for help but lacking the budget to hire outside resources?

Accompagnement, rédaction et formation pour les organismes à but non lucratif et les municipalités. 

Our services

We assist you with your projects to support your continued operations and enable you to fulfil your mission.

  • We help you find the right grants for your projects;

  • We prepare program-related documents and advise you on funding strategies; and

  • We help you throughout the project and in follow-ups with government agencies.

Nos objectifs

Optimiser le temps de travail de vos équipes

Diversifier vos sources de financement

Augmenter les investissements dans votre organisation

Concrétiser vos projets !


Increase public funding for your projects

EMC Consultante has 14 years of experience in local development, cultural development, municipal management and NPO management. We stay up-to-date on the programs that matter to you and we are able to leverage our extensive network of contacts to find answers to your questions.

We understand your shortage of financial and human resources, which is why we offer an approach tailored to your needs:

  • We work as independently as possible in order to alleviate the burden on your teams; and

  • We offer an adapted financing formula to cut down on the costs of our service.

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Municipalité de Campbell's Bay
Sarah Bertrand, directrice générale

Émilie offers a credible consultative approach with a profound understanding of the municipal world. I appreciate her continued support and is always available on short notice.

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EMC Consultante provides the means to take action towards your achievements.

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